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How It All Got Started...

Picture of Emily. The last thing I ever thought I'd be is a bakery owner. When I went back to school at the University of California, Santa Cruz, I was newly divorced, with two boys and lots of energy!

Several times a week I took extra cookies from my homemade batch up to school and left them in a basket with this note: "25 cents; please don't rip them off or I won't be able to afford to buy more ingredients."

I did it for a year and nobody ever took the cookies or the money! Soon I included a local cafe among my deliveries. I had no intention of starting a bakery. I had no money, backers or business plan. I worked hard, listened to customers and asked lots of smart people for advice. People liked my products. Word got around and in October of 1982 I moved into the building where Emily's is today.

Even now, twenty years, later I'm often reminded of how much I have to learn. I like the challenge of providing jobs and helping myself and others earn a living in an honorable way. I so appreciate my good fortune in being part of a community that appreciates neighborhood businesses. My customers are the best. The food part is secondary to me. I'm not a great cook or baker, but I am surrounded by many who are!!

I enjoy solving prolems, listening to people and figuring out how to provide employees, customers with what we want and need. Some days I love my job. Some days the problems seem overwhelming. I've noticed the only thing that changes is my attitude.


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